Trudeau made big, progressive commitments in the Throne Speech. He can’t do it alone.

It was early afternoon this past Wednesday and I’d just finished up a call with speakers of last Friday’s #BuildBackBetter conversation on climate leadership in the social sector. Before sitting down to tune into the Speech from the Throne, I refilled my coffee, said hello to my partner, and we both established that when we see each other again in a couple of hours, we’d have a whole lot to say about the future of the country.

And we did. My partner rejoiced and said, “I think we may finally see an EI system that actually works for women.” Me? Like many in the social impact world across the country, I felt a sense of intense optimism and disappointment at the same time. 

What does one call a Throne Speech that is so progressive it leaves out the social impact sector?

Seems odd, doesn’t it?

A line from the speech that kept ringing in my

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