Former MaRS executives co-found new global impact investment firm

TwinRiver Capital, which launched on July 14, is promising to serve “a new generation of private, public and philanthropic investors looking to make a positive difference with their capital.”

Why It Matters

Impact investing is becoming a major financial philosophy at a time when the world needs help recovering from the costs of COVID-19, the ongoing climate crisis, and deepening economic inequality.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Former MaRS executives co-found new global impact investment firm. Two former senior executives at MaRS, including a past CEO, are behind the recent launch of an impact investment firm promising to open up financial opportunities for philanthropists and socially-minded private investors alike. TwinRiver Capital launched on July 14 in both Toronto and Boston to help clients from across the financial and social impact spectrum get involved in impact investing, especially around healthcare, environmental, and economic inclusion issues. Other impact investors are already chipping in to solve these very issues, but Ilse Treurnicht, co-founder of TwinRiver Capital, says there aren't a lot of players in Canada \u2014 and she wants to see more.\u00a0 \"It's not s

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