“Cut through all the BS”: An in-depth conversation with Vu Le of Nonprofit AF about the future of social impact work

Vu Le is a writer, speaker, and former executive director of Rooted in Vibrant Communities and is speaking at the upcoming CCVO Connections Conference - Building Community Prosperity.

Why It Matters

Even as COVID cases decline, many vulnerable communities continue to experience the negative impacts of the pandemic on everything from employment to healthcare. Charities and non-profits are vital to a just COVID-19 recovery — but such a recovery will take support, including more philanthropic funding.

This story is in partnership with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) leading into their 2021 Connections Conference.

10 years ago, Vu Le — speaker, writer and former executive director of Rooted in Vibrant Communities (RVC) — started his blog, ‘Nonprofit AF’, unpacking some of the non-profit sector’s deepest issues, and what its leaders can do to help fix it. With more than 28,000 followers on Twitter, Le dives into topics like the subtle and not-so-subtle ways white supremacy appears in non-profits and philanthropy, and

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