Petition calling for an overhaul of Trudeau’s Student Service Grant program surpasses its goal

“A net negative impact on the social sector”

Why It Matters

The federal government’s $912 million Canada Student Service Grant program could put 100,000 students to work this summer in the social impact sector. But the program is receiving heavy criticism, after the government announced that WE Charity would administer it — and now, more than 900 Canadians have signed a petition calling for its complete overhaul.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Petition calling for an overhaul of Trudeau\u2019s Student Service Grant program surpasses its goal. A petition calling on the federal government to rethink its $912 million agreement with WE Charity has garnered 968 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon, surpassing its original goal of 500.\u00a0 Led by Toronto-based consulting firm The Good Partnership, the petition is calling on the government to redirect the entire $912 million away from WE Charity and toward the Canada Summer Jobs Program, saying the program will have \u201ca net negative impact on the social sector.\u201d Among those supporting the petition include Vice President of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners Paul Nazareth and acting CEO of G(irls)20 Bailey Greenspon .\u00a0 Last we

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