What does 2024 hold for technology and data in the non-profit sector?

What we’ve learned about how change-makers are using technology to innovate and improve service delivery.

Why It Matters

In a time of fast-moving technological changes and increased policymaking driven by data, non-profits need to know where to invest their resources – whether in new technology or professional development.

In late 2022, I came on board as Future of Good’s first editorial fellow dedicated to digital transformation in the sector. I had initially assumed that in this role, I would cover how the non-profit and philanthropic sectors have used technology and data in their service provision. While that has been a large part of the coverage in the past year, non-profits’ challenges and opportunities in the technology and data space are multifold. Non-profits are adopting technology much faster than before, be it generative AI tools to increase efficiency or GIS mapping software that gives them a more location-specific view of an issue.

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