Why the social impact sector should demand — not ask nicely for — bailouts

Framing the sector’s needs more urgently

Why It Matters

As COVID-19 continues to force the shutdown of businesses and industries, those same businesses and industries are demanding support from governments. Should charities, social enterprises, and non-profits — who have so far asked nicely for smaller amounts of money than their corporate counterparts — do the same?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Why the social impact sector should demand \u2014 not ask nicely for \u2014 bailouts. By now, we\u2019ve heard from industries and corporations across the world, calling for government support to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 shutdowns. The calls for bailouts follow the same argument. When consumer demand drops so precipitously, there\u2019s a risk companies go bankrupt, and cannot be revived when COVID-19 restrictions finally lift. It is simply non-negotiable that airlines need government financial aid. Of course, the cruise line industry needs a bailout, even though they\u2019re registered offshore to avoid paying tax. It\u2019s unthinkable that the hotel industry could go without a $150 billion bailout. Casinos , extractives , entertainment , and

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