Will Budget 2022 give us a feminist economic recovery?

Social impact organizations hoped for stronger feminist commitments to support an inclusive recovery plan for Canada.

Why It Matters

According to the federal government’s gender-based analysis report on the budget, 44 percent of Budget 2022 will benefit women and men in equal proportions. Meanwhile, 42 percent of measures will directly or indirectly benefit men more than women, and 14 percent will directly or indirectly benefit women more than men.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Will Budget 2022 give us a feminist economic recovery?. This journalism is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on women\u2019s economic resilience, supported by Scotiabank. See our editorial ethics and standards here. The release of Budget 2022 was met with anticipation \u2014\u00a0and followed largely with disappointment \u2014\u00a0among those working toward a feminist recovery from the pandemic.\u00a0 Since the federal budget came out, social impact leaders across the country have been sharing their perspectives on how they could be more responsive to the struggles of women, non-binary folks, trans folks, migrants, and people with disabilities.\u00a0 The day after the budget\u2019s release, Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Women\

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