Your Guide to Exponential Technologies

Ignore These At Your Peril

Why It Matters

Exponential technologies aren’t just for growing business, they are also for growing impact—particularly with a digital-first generation. Here’s what’s essential to understand about exponential technologies in rapidly changing world of impact. 

I’m not the first one to beat the drum on this, and I won’t be the last, but here’s an important insight that you can ignore at your own peril: Technology integration will determine your organization’s relevance in the next decade. Even if you think you have a monopoly in your area of work, you’re mistaken.

The way we create social change is changing, and changing rapidly. Just ask your parents how they mobilized people across the country for a protest, or how people affected by natural disaster got cash, or if they were able to customize prosthetics for kids in need back in the day.

Whether you’re in the world of advocacy, or corporate fundraising, or social services, or international development, there are technologies in your area of work that are going from the edge to the centre 10 times faster than you can form your next advisory committee.


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