All In 2019 Reading List

This is a curated reading list for All In 2019 participants.

Why It Matters

This special collection of articles span a range of topics that’ll help you warm up as we explore them together in Victoria, BC on June 6-8. Future of Good is a digital content partner for Community Foundations of Canada's #AllIn2019 conference.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"All In 2019 Reading List. 1. Gender-Lens Investing Allows Us to Think Big\u23f8\u2587 Here\u2019s why you need to understand what applying gender lens looks like in practice.\u23f8\u2587By Brittany Dudar\u23f8\u2587 Click to read 2. Charting the Changing Nature of Giving in Canada\u23f8\u2587 Giving is changing in meaning and method. Do we really understand its implications?\u23f8\u2587By Vinod Rajasekaran\u23f8\u2587 Click to read 3. Worker Mobility 4.0\u23f8\u2587 Are you asking the right questions about the future of work?\u23f8\u2587By Fateema Sayani\u23f8\u2587 Click to read 4. Blockchain Is No Longer Theoretical\u23f8\u2587 Here are four Canadian blockchain social purpose organizations you need to know.\u23f8\u2587By Anne Connelly\u2

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