Canada’s Recovery Plan: Will the social impact world recover?

A Future of Good special report
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The Trudeau government is set to deliver a Throne Speech, and along with it perhaps the most anticipated recovery plan in modern Canadian history. Very few expected such a devastating global pandemic, let alone the social and economic inequities its amplified. 

Not only have social challenges like food and housing insecurity, unemployment, racism, digital disparity, mental illness, and precarious workers’ rights been exposed and exacerbated, but the social impact sector, best positioned to help, has also been fundamentally stretched and challenged. 

The pandemic has revealed the fragility of the social impact sector’s capacity, infrastructure, and resources to respond to COVID-19 and its cascading effects post-pandemic. Charities, non-profits, funders, co-operatives, and social enterprises are scrambling to keep up with rising demand, reposition themselves, and to keep their doors open amid uncertainty.

Featuring analysis, insights, and commentary, this special report unpacks the significant elements of Canada’s recovery plan and its implications for the social impact world for the next 12 months. 

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