Recovery plan 2020: 20 bold ideas from 20 social impact leaders

We spoke to leaders across the country to hear what they want Trudeau to prioritize, in this week's Throne Speech and beyond

Why It Matters

The pandemic has amplified inequities in Canadian society. Social impact organizations working with and advocating for vulnerable communities have unique insight into how to close the gaps. Their ideas, borne from on-the-ground experience, could make Canada a more resilient nation in the face of adversity.

September 23 will be a big day for Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government will deliver a speech from the throne – an update to its legislative priorities – as Parliament resumes for the first time in weeks. Thousands of Canadians have died from COVID-19, the unemployment rate is at record highs, and a second wave of the virus appears to be crashing across Ontario and Quebec just as school starts for the year.

Canada needs an equitable recovery plan. Wednesday’s speech from the throne is expected to be an outline for a broad economic stimulus package aimed at revitalizing Canada’s healthcare system, along with its flagging economy and social stability. It may even offer additional green energy or infrastructure spending. But many are looking for more than just a return to the status quo. Social impact organizations are ready to take the lead on an e

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