CARE International is addressing climate-caused starvation, flood-borne illness, and gender-based violence. Here are the concerns they’re bringing to COP27

One of the most prominent humanitarian organizations in the world warns that underinvestment in climate-related damages, including healthcare challenges, will be catastrophic for Global South countries

Why It Matters

Global North nations, including Canada, are hundreds of billions of dollars short on the necessary climate funding commitments needed to help Global South countries weather climate-related healthcare issues.

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In the week leading up to the world’s most important climate summit, CARE International workers are battling a multitude of cascading health problems in communities whose brushes with climate catastrophe have long since disappeared from the Global North’s attention.

The Horn of Africa, an eight-country region which includes Kenya and Somalia, is reeling from a yearslong drought considered to be the worst in 40 years. About 21 million people will experience extreme hunger by the end of 2022 alone due to massive agricultural losses in the region – herders are forced to move their livestock out of the dr

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