Code Red for Canada: First comprehensive study on the effects of climate change on human health has three key recommendations

In the first study of current and projected risks climate change poses to the health of Canadians since 2008, report authors share with Future of Good not only what’s at stake, but also the solutions.

Why It Matters

From record breaking heat temperatures gripping parts of the world in India and Pakistan and wildfires that ravage the West Coast to impacts on water and food security, climate change will continue to test the survivability of humanity.

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With spring came extreme flooding across northwestern Ontario, after seven weeks of record rainfall. 

Residents in Kenora, Ontario had been issued evacuation orders. Highways were washed out and roadways flooded. With countless road closures, it became impossible for emergency vehicles and health responders to access those in need of help. For Pikangikum First Nation, about 500 kilometers from Thunder Bay, the flooding has impacted major infrastructure and their main source of drinking water. The only road in the community to access food and gas was flooded. Emergency operations with the Independent First Nations Allianc

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