The Conversation Guide: 23 Daring Predictions that will Shape the Social Impact World in 2023

Changemakers enter 2023 at a moment of profound challenge and change. 

Why It Matters

Signals tend to reveal emergent phenomena sooner so that changemakers can turn their attention to possible opportunities, disruptions, innovations and developments that affect their missions, programs and work. Signals can become mainstream and evolve into trends — when a signal hits a certain threshold, for example, it might become a trend in the broader society or sector, and begin to diffuse rapidly.

“Changemakers enter 2023 at a moment of profound challenge and change,” writes Vinod Rajasekaran, publisher and CEO of Future of Good. It’s how he starts his list of 23 predictions for the social impact world to expect through the year ahead. “While it is the best time in the history of humanity to be alive and working, the systems humans designed decades ago continue to create and exacerbate societal problems all around us, from how we work to how we govern to how we care to how we give.”

In 2023, Vinod predicts, many of these systems will break and some will stay status quo. Others still will be disrupted by growing movements of social change. Many social impact teams and organizations will be woefully unprepared for what’s on the horizon, he warns. But you don’t have to be.

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