These 8 women are leading social impact organizations that were led predominantly by men before they arrived

What makes a good leader? Eight women leaders weigh in

Why It Matters

Women’s leadership in social impact organizations could help communities build back differently, if not better, than they were pre-pandemic. Because of the ways women are socialized, research shows their leadership styles tend to differ from men’s. This year’s International Women’s Day arrived in the midst of a very different reality from last year’s.

Women have led Canadian communities through the ups and downs of the pandemic, from public health to policy to the social impact world’s response. While the social impact world itself is primarily made up of women, its leadership has traditionally been predominantly male and white. But things are changing. 

Meanwhile, many other women have suffered disproportionately through the pandemic’s reverberating social and economic effects — making women’s leadership in the social sector all the more relevant.

The world of Canadian social impact certainly has work to do on women’s leadership — particularly on making space for the leadership of women of colour — these eight women are forging a path forward in the meantime. 


Grace Le

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