International Women's Day marks an unprecedented crisis in gender equality – investing in social impact work can help

The Canadian Women’s Foundation, Equality Fund, and Community Foundations of Canada have created guidelines for funding feminist movements

Why It Matters

As women have disproportionately cared for COVID’s sick, watched over our kids as schools closed, showed up as essential workers, and kept our economies and countries moving, the social and economic gains on gender equality we have worked for decades to achieve are vanishing before our eyes.

This year’s International Women’s Day also brings another milestone: the one-year anniversary of COVID-19’s disruption and devastation in communities across the globe.  

For women, the sounds of sirens rushing to care for COVID’s sick and dying came just as greater progress on our equality was already flatlining. The Globe’s groundbreaking “Power Gap” series offers the latest evidence, finding that women, especially racialized women, are “outranked, outnumbered, and out-earned” at every level of the workforce.

Now the pandemic

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