Full interview: Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould shares her priorities for social change

Gould brings experience as the Minister for International Development to this domestic portfolio

Why It Matters

Communities are still devastated by COVID-19, particularly those who were already marginalized and oppressed pre-pandemic. The ministry Gould takes over will be primarily responsible for these communities’ recovery — not to mention building relationships with the social purpose sector to achieve that recovery.

Fall is social impact conference season. We hosted our own this month — and are covering at least six more. 

I have to say, I’m energized by the conversations and discussions taking place at these summits. There’s vulnerability, and there’s tension, but it feels like renewed visions for social change and the social purpose sector are forming. Narratives that dominated social change work pre-pandemic are shifting. 

It felt like the opportune time to sit down with The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, to hear how she feels the social impact world is changing. We spoke about the causes she’s passionate about, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, building closer ties with the social purpose sector, her vision for the ministry, t

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