Here’s what you missed at Future of Good’s Dismantling Digital Barriers Summit

Discussion diving into adapting to digital, funding for this shift, and the policy changes needed for digital equity

Why It Matters

Social-impact organizations are fighting two simultaneous battles: the first is trying to bridge the digital divide for demographics who lack access, and the second is working to build and grow their own digital infrastructure as an organization. Proper support is needed now more than ever through collaboration, funding, and policy change.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Here\u2019s what you missed at Future of Good\u2019s Dismantling Digital Barriers Summit. In an increasingly online world, digital equity is a crucial conversation. Future of Good\u2019s Dismantling Digital Barriers, in partnership with CIRA, dove fully into this topic to understand: what is digital equity? Who is left behind? And how do we close that gap?\u00a0 \u201cWhat we're seeing is an increasingly digital world where the bar is being set higher every day with technology \u2014 and then that inability to meet those standards is really holding organizations and people behind,\u201d said Charles Buchanan, CEO of Technology Helps, an organization that helps non-profits make digital transitions.\u00a0 There were three plenaries. The first one, \u201cWha

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