How crowdfunding is transforming COVID-19 community response

Community networks gaining traction

Why It Matters

Crowdfunding is the fastest-growing trend in fundraising — and it’s a particularly useful tool in times of crisis. As communities navigate COVID-19, crowdfunding campaigns are popping up to move money and supplies to those who need them, demonstrating crowdfunding’s potential as a rapid-response, grassroots fundraising tool.

While we haven’t faced a challenge quite like COVID-19 in nearly a century, we are more prepared in some ways to tackle a pandemic now than before SARS or Ebola. That being said, there are still challenges, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers being a major one, so citizens and communities are stepping in, crowdfunding and volunteering to fill the gaps that exist.

In general, crowdfunding is one of the most quickly growing tools in modern fundraising. Crowdfunding campaigns have raised $34

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