What's next for crowdfunding?

Today, crowdfunding funds everything from artistic projects on Kickstarter to community fundraisers. And now, social enterprises and non-profits are using this form of financing to avoid the hassles of venture capital or tedious grant applications. Crowdfunding is democratizing capital in new, exciting ways.


Riipen's massively successful crowdfunding campaign has one important lesson

The power of crowdfunding is hard to ignore. Crowdfunding campaigns have raised $34 billion globally, and are on pace to raise nearly 10 times that within the next decade. We explore how non-profit organizations and social enterprises are using crowdfunding platforms to advance their causes.

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This BC park was about to be destroyed — but a citizen movement saved it. Here's how.

The 2019 climate strikes were the largest climate demonstrations in global history, showing the world the power of citizen movements. Crowdfunding is helping these kinds of movements contribute one very important tool for impact — the money needed to make it happen.


How crowdfunding is transforming COVID-19 community response

Crowdfunding is the fastest-growing trend in fundraising — and it’s a particularly useful tool in times of crisis. As communities navigate COVID-19, crowdfunding campaigns are popping up to move money and supplies to those who need them, demonstrating crowdfunding’s potential as a rapid-response, grassroots fundraising tool.