This BC park was about to be destroyed — but a citizen movement saved it. Here's how.

Why It Matters

The 2019 climate strikes were the largest climate demonstrations in global history, showing the world the power of citizen movements. Crowdfunding is helping these kinds of movements contribute one very important tool for impact — the money needed to make it happen.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"This BC park was about to be destroyed \u2014 but a citizen movement saved it. Here\u2019s how.. In early 2019, three lots of land along Princess Louisa Inlet, a pristine jewel on British Columbia\u2019s Sunshine Coast, went up for sale. Often called the \u201cYosemite of the North\u201d for its sheer granite cliffs, it\u2019s home to grizzly bears, mountain goats, and endangered bird species. It is a pure, undeveloped example of the incredible beauty BC has to offer \u2014 and it deserves protection. At least that's how Andrew Day, CEO of the BC Parks Foundation, tells the story. The foundation decided they\u2019d try to purchase the land, with the intention of saving it from being used for logging. But the catch was that they only had 3 months to raise the

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