How reverse-mentoring can help bring on “tsunamis of change” to the social impact world

Practices like reverse mentorship can serve as a powerful tool to boost young people into leadership roles and disrupt traditional power dynamics.

Why It Matters

As young impact leaders enter the social impact world, they need spaces to teach generations before them on what works for youth in the workplace in order to shape the sector for the next generation.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How reverse-mentoring can help bring on \u201ctsunamis of change\u201d to the social impact world.\u23f8\u2587This story is in partnership with Mentor Canada. See our editorial ethics and standards here.\u00a0\u23f8\u2587Greta Reid, community catalyst at the Okanagan coLab is part of a learning group called \u2018Disruptive Leaders\u2019 where social impact leaders of all demographics come together to learn from and be mentored by youth.\u00a0\u23f8\u2587They engage in deep discussions about anything from homelessness to sustainability which is facilitated by young people like Reid herself, who push back on the status-quo. Reid says the group is in line with the idea of \u2018reverse mentoring\u2019 which involves a young person mentoring someone older or more advanc

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