INTERVIEW: Duke Chang talks generational shifts, digital fundraising and changing demographics as he takes the helm of CanadaHelps, which has raised more than $2.5 billion in donations to date

“We have a lot of new Canadians, new people, coming into the country who are bringing in their cultures and their belief systems and their way of thinking about philanthropy and giving.”

Why It Matters

Future of Good’s CEO and Publisher Vinod Rajasekaran sits down with Duke Chang, the newly appointed president and CEO of CanadaHelps, to discuss where fundraising is heading in post-pandemic Canada.

VINOD RAJASEKARAN:  Let’s begin with your journey, I think this is something that [changemakers] will be really curious about; how did you come to enter the world of social purpose?

DUKE CHANG: I had a pretty typical career in the corporate world, in both financial services and technology … and over the course of my career, I would say in the last decade plus, social goods started intersecting with my career. I’d always had that as part of my personal life — whether it was through charitable giving or through volunteerism — but it started intersecting with career opportunities at various companies, whether that was through formalized volunteer programs in the workplace or through working through charitable organizations within my organizations, or through promoting social good initiatives like neurodiversity in the workplace.

And I start

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