Statues need an expiry date. Will humans let that happen?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Statues need an expiry date. Will humans let that happen?. Lately, my pandemic reading has included Decolonizing Wealth , a provocative analysis of privilege, philanthropy, wealth, and power by Edgar Villanueva. In it, he paints a picture of how legacies are immortalized and remembered through places, houses, and philanthropic entities, and how Indigenous wisdom can heal divides.\u00a0 That reading has a resonance with current events. Ever wondered how humans sometimes choose to forever remember the good that people do? There is a practice of naming things after them \u2014 the natural environment, the built environment, college programs, awards, funding programs, scholarships, and much more. Beyond naming things, humans also build statues \u2014 many of the

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