Episode 1: Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Villanueva

How can we heal systemic imbalances in the world of philanthropy?

Why It Matters

The world of philanthropy suffers from the same colonial structures and deep, systemic issues that affect the rest of the world around us. To truly effect change, we need to heal philanthropy from within.

For our very first episode of Edge & Main, Future of Good’s podcast on the trends, tensions, and transformations of today that will define the world of tomorrow, we sat down with Edgar Villanueva, author of the book Decolonizing Wealth.

Decolonizing Wealth takes a deep dive into the colonial structures and systemic issues that surround today’s philanthropic landscape, and we wanted to explore exactly what we can do to solve and heal these imbalances. Listen to our inaugural episode with Villanueva below.

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