Social Impact Storytellers’ Summer Camp

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Creating meaningful and lasting social change requires a fundamentally different way of looking at the world. Whether you realized it or not, many of our actions are shaped and dominated by worldviews and narratives that are colonial, white supremacist, patriarchal, and planet-extractive. Our narratives, worldviews and communications are blocking the audacious efforts needed for systemic change. 

Stories, narratives and worldviews have convinced people for generations that the planet was to extract; humans were to exploit; society had winners and losers; people were statistics; charity did no harm; and shareholders and donors mattered above all. 


The good news? 

Changemakers everywhere are breaking the mold of archaic narratives that have convinced us that radical social change isn’t possible. 

New narratives are emerging for land, prosperity, policing, mental health, care, giving, and more. Changemakers are building, fighting, mobilizing, advocating and caring for people and the planet. Their courage, curiosity, voice and actions are fueling change around the world. Their stories shift dominant narratives, worldviews, capital, structures, systems and power. 



At Future of Good, we believe that stories are one of the best learning tools we have, and stories are ultimately how we make choices. Compelling stories can reveal truths, illuminate possibilities, highlight insights, shift dominant narratives, and spark action. 

What does it take to craft compelling stories that enrich an audience?

On August 30 2022 at 12PM ET, Future of Good hosts its online inaugural summer camp for social impact storytellers. Join storytellers from across the social impact world to learn, unlearn and sharpen your communications and storytelling skills.

If you work in communications, marketing, journalism, fundraising, impact measurement or mobilizing, this summer camp is for you.



What dominant narratives is your organization perpetuating?

What dominant narratives are you letting go? 

Whose voices are you prioritizing and whose are you de-prioritizing?

Are your stories and blogs validating and reinforcing your beliefs?

Which storytelling methods do you value? Is that what your audience values?



Communications, impact measurement, fundraising, policy and programs professionals as well as heads of organizations whose role involves communicating information, ideas, impact, and stories through presentations, briefs, speeches, thought leadership and reports. 

Not yet a Future of Good member? Now’s the time to join. Members access the full recording and access Braindates for peer-to-peer learning with other social impact storytellers. To sign up for a special discounted individual or team membership, RSVP for the summer camp.


Panel 1The message, 12:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern 

Description: This plenary explores the narratives social purpose organizations are upholding, perpetuating, and rejecting through their communications — whether they’re speaking to their communities, their donors, their internal teams, or the wider public. How are you depicting the communities you work with and serve? Is your external and internal messaging aligned with your organization’s values? How can organizations show up more authentically through their communications? We’ll dive into this and more.

Panel 2The medium (is the message), 1:30pm – 2:45pm Eastern

Description: This plenary explores how organizations can more meaningfully communicate with their communities, their donors, their teams, and others. What are the techniques that work for reaching people who’d benefit from your organization’s communications? How do you get people’s attention in times of multiple, competing crises? How does an organization make sure its messaging is accessible, relevant, and clear? We’ll dive into this and more.

Braindates 3pm – 5pm Eastern

Braindates is a virtual peer learning platform that lets you connect with other participants in one-on-one and group discussions. Following the two panels, participants who are members of Future of Good can go deeper on themes such as what dominant narratives your organization is perpetuating, what narratives are you letting go of, whose voices are you’re prioritizing and much more. 

Note: The Braindates portion of the summer camp is only available to Future of Good members. To sign up for a special discounted Future of Good membership, please RSVP for the story-telling summer camp.


More speakers to be announced!

Evelisa Genova

Head of DEI, Scouts Canada

Sadia Zaman

CEO, Inspirit Foundation



Elise Joshi

Director of Strategy at Gen-Z for Change



Tyler Boyce

Executive Director at Enchante Network



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