2021 New Year’s resolutions: 10 ways changemakers are approaching social impact work differently this year

From slowing down to acting more proactively, leaders share one way they’ll approach social change differently in 2021

Why It Matters

The organizations that will thrive in 2021 are those led by people who are open to learning and growing from the twists and turns 2020 presented. These leaders’ social impact New Year’s resolutions will inspire you to do the same.

From reimagining philanthropy and fundraising to grappling with new pandemic-induced equity challenges — like fair vaccine distribution and supporting COVID-19 survivors — to looking inward at the sector’s own systemic problems, this past year has taught the world of social impact a lot

As we say goodbye to a year of intense learning and growing, leaders in the sector are starting to think about how they’ll apply 2020’s lessons to 2021’s work. Future of Good reached out to 10 such leaders to ask about their New Year’s resolutions — one way they’ll

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