Canadians gave at least $36 million on Giving Tuesday — 65 percent more than 2019. Will this momentum continue?

Giving Tuesday donations through the CanadaHelps platform rose 123 percent compared to 2019 — and this surge may press on.

Why It Matters

Understanding the reasons behind a spike in charitable donations during the COVID-19 pandemic could better prepare charities for fundraising campaigns in future years. When the pandemic ends, the lessons learned by charities on promoting generosity in 2020 will be crucial to rebuilding the world.

Canadians blew past last year’s totals for charitable donations on Giving Tuesday in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding economic uncertainty, a trend fundraising platforms hope will continue as the world plans its recovery from the virus. 

The U.S. based GivingTuesday organization called the fundraising day “an unprecedented showing of giving, kindness, and connection by millions of people worldwide” in a statement. Public data from GivingTuesday shows around 34.8 million people participated worldwide, up from 27 million last year. Canadian donors raised at least $36.1 million on Dec. 1, compared to $21.9 last year. “It’s a 65 percent increase,” Woodrow Rosenbaum, chief data officer at GivingTuesday, tells Future of Good. 

These figures are significant. Many Canadian charities are struggling to make ends meet d

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