How Do We Prepare Organizations Across Canada For Social Finance?

The Investment Readiness Program is taking a diverse, collaborative approach to ready organizations.

Why It Matters

Next year, the government is set to launch its ambitious $755 million Social Finance Fund. To help ready organizations, the Investment Readiness Program has identified key delivery partners and plans to kick off efforts this fall. Read on for a breakdown on how it will work, and keep an eye out for more updates from Future of Good.

Last year, in an effort to accelerate Canadian organizations’ capacity to tackle deep-rooted, complex challenges, the federal government announced the creation of a $755 million Social Finance Fund, an announcement that was met with applause from those in the social impact and innovation field.

Last week, we started to see the first steps of this funding fall into place when the government announced the funding partners slated to begin carrying out its $50 million Investment Readiness Program this fall.

To understand the purpose of the Investment Readiness Program and how it’ll work, we first need t

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