We Need A Social Finance Fund That is Future-Proof

A guide to understanding the new pot of money aimed at creating a fair and equal Canada

Why It Matters

The upcoming Social Finance Fund is the single biggest commitment to social finance ever in Canada. This change isn't happening in a bubble, though — the finance industry and system itself is rapidly changing, and in order for this fund to be effective a decade from now, it needs to mesh with what’s emerging in the finance industry today.

Canada is making waves around the world with the recent Government of Canada’s $755 million over 10-years announcement of a Social Finance Fund. It’s a huge win for Canada’s ecosystem that has largely remained under the radar — but how do you keep the fund relevant in a fast-changing finance industry?

The Backdrop

The Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-creation Steering Group set up by the Government of Canada, comprising 16 leaders, recently delivered its recommendations.

One of them is the establishment of a Social Finance Fund “to accelerate the development of social f

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