Here are the world’s 10 most overlooked humanitarian crises of 2020

An annual report from CARE finds that COVID-19 is aggravating long-standing issues of hunger, climate change, violence, and gender inequality — but few are paying attention

Why It Matters

Global development and humanitarian aid are major priorities for the Canadian government, with $400 million in new funding aimed at improving COVID-19 vaccination in poor countries. However, the virus comes amid other major problems in the Global South. Hunger, climate change, and violence are still major issues in countries Canada routinely supports with aid.


In many countries around the world, COVID-19 is not an exceptional crisis. 

Hunger, climate change, violence against women and girls, abuse, and war all took their toll on people around the world irrespective of the pandemic. Yet a new annual report from CARE on what it considers to be the 10 most underreported humanitarian crises of 2020 shows how international coverage is focused on far less consequential topics. 

According to CARE’s latest report, Kanye West’s bid for the U.S. presidency received more media coverage than coverage of all these 10 underreported humanitarian crises combined. The launch of the Playstation 5 gaming console received 26 times more attention. These crises are not minor issues — they involve hunger in the Central African Republic, political violence in Ukraine, and deadly epidemics in Madagascar. CARE sa

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