10 unpopular Future of Good stories from this year — and why you should read them

In 2021, our small and mighty talented team of journalists crafted and published 280 stories. As much as I’d love for every single story to be viral successes — especially considering the hard work and care writers pour into each story — it just doesn’t shake out that way. 

Plus, I do love sitting down and reflecting on why a particular story has been unpopular with our readers. And in some cases, I think stories don’t take off because they make readers uncomfortable. These types of stories offer insights that challenge readers’ existing ways of thinking, doing and being. 

Many publications take time at the end of the year to share their most popular stories — we’ve done the same. But storytelling should not be a popularity contest. And the stories that get the least attention are often the ones I think are the most important. In that spirit, here

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