Here's What You Missed From The 2019 Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership

Where does Canada stand?

Why It Matters

What role does Canada play on the international stage? At the 2019 Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership, we gained insights from leaders diving into global development, SDGs, decolonizing knowledge, gender equality, innovative finance, Canada’s comparative advantage in the world, and more.

What should be Canada’s global leadership role?  What are the links between climate change and migration? How can we foster stronger cross-sector collaboration, and build a more ambitious and forward-looking Canadian foreign policy? 

These were the types of questions posed at the 2019 Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership. We worked with the Canadian Council for International Cooperation to be on-site at the summit: a first-of-its-kind experience bringing together experts in international trade, security, diplomacy, development and humanitarian assistance to discuss the elements required to build a more audacious Canadian foreign policy.

See our key insights below.

Day 1 Takeaways Day 2 Takeaways

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