Announcement: Future of Good to cover the 2021 Social Enterprise World Forum

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The 2021 Social Enterprise World Forum wants answers to some big questions: What are social entrepreneurs’ roles in global recovery from COVID-19? How can social finance sectors around the world be more inclusive and equitable in how they work with founders? How does social entrepreneurship fit into the global climate action movement? 

2020 and 2021 have been tough years for many. But amidst the major societal transitions that took place, social enterprises  — small and large, from all over the globe — have built inclusive and sustainable solutions to the challenges communities face. What has the sector learned? And where does it go from here? 

Future of Good is excited to announce a partnership with the 2021 Social Enterprise World Forum and Common Good Solutions on September 28-29 to cover insights and key learnings from the Forum in the Future of Good style you know and love. It’s time for social enterprise to shine and we can’t wait to dive in. 

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