3 Ways Men (& Boys) Can Help Build a More Gender-Equitable Future

Creating a shared vision of equality.

Why It Matters

Slowly but surely, institutions, government leaders, and organizations are working to create a more gender-equitable future for the next generation. But when it comes down to an individual level, how can men and boys work to create a more gender-equitable future on a day-to-day basis?

In building a gender equitable future, the burden of progress can not be on women alone. This is a challenge that’s been addressed before — by leaders such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and movements such as the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign — but it can be challenging to actually take action to bring men and boys into the fold for a gender-equitable future on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why it’s encouraging to see that the Canadian federal government has put funding towards moving the needle on this issue within the country. Canadian nonprofit Next Gen Men has taken on the task of educating and engaging men and boys on feminism since 2014, and in

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