3 Ways to Integrate Meaningful Youth Engagement into Your Organization

Leverage young people's strengths to build out innovation at your organization

Why It Matters

All year long, social mission organizations will welcome young people into their ranks for internships and temporary work experience. Many, however, fail to truly engage young workers — a misstep that not only undervalues young people, but fails to take advantage of their potential to bring innovative solutions to the table.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Ways to Integrate Meaningful Youth Engagement into Your Organization. Summer is in full swing, and with the change of the seasons, it seems like social mission organizations of every shape and size have welcomed waves of young people into their midst as university and college students dive into their summer jobs. For the last number of decades, the summer employment rate for full-time university students has hovered around 70 percent. It\u2019s become a right of passage for most post-secondary students to seek out a summer job between semesters in order to gain on-the-ground work experience and help pay for an increasingly expensive education. For the social mission organizations adopting students into their ranks for a term, these young employees offer

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