3 Ways to Start Integrating Accessibility into Your Workplace (& Life)

True accessibility goes far beyond compliance.

Why It Matters

Canada's federal government has made significant moves to support individuals with lived experience of disability in recent months — from passing the Accessible Canada Act to investing in AccessNow, an app that maps accessible locations across the country. But how can Canadians be better advocates for accessibility on an individual level?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Ways to Start Integrating Accessibility into Your Workplace (& Life). For many, getting places has never been easier. In today's day and age, walking, driving, transit, and cycling directions to almost any given location are at Canadians' fingertips, and people can pull up venues' menus and reviews at a moment's notice. But for the millions of Canadians with disabilities, venue selection and digital route planning can be far more frustrating, since crucial details about accessibility are often left out of the equation. It\u2019s an issue that the Canadian government has committed to addressing with a $2.7 million investment in Toronto-based startup AccessNow. Founded by Maayan Ziv, AccessNow pinpoints accessible locations and crowdsources information on th

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