5 Social Movements that Shaped This Decade

Grassroots to Global

Why It Matters

We’re fast reaching 2020, and with it comes the final decade for us to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Looking back over the years, what were the social movements that drove the most impact globally — and what can Canada learn from them?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"5 Social Movements that Shaped This Decade. Canada is facing an urgent climate crisis, growing wealth inequality, homelessness, food insecurity \u2014 the list goes on. There are groups out there fighting hard to make a difference for the future.\u00a0 Recently, Direct Diplomacy published a report on citizen campaigns, and in particular their impact in the digital era. The report looked into what motivates citizens to act and participate in social movements, and what encourages their continued participation in order to achieve both impact and longevity.\u00a0 As this decade draws to a close, we\u2019re looking back at the many social movements that shaped Canada in the 2010s \u2014 from advocating for the environment to protesting systemic inequality.

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