A Call for Innovation in Resettlement

Fear, Xenophobia, and Closing Borders Leave Refugees Without Any Support

Why It Matters

Fewer than one percent of the world’s refugees are resettled to safe countries where they can rebuild their lives after experiencing violence, persecution, or war. The newly formed Innovation Lab at The Refugee Hub in Canada’s capital aims to make a transformative change in resettlement globally.

In 2017, countries offered only 75,000 resettlement spaces to UNHCR for the 1.2 million refugees in dire need of a safe home, and this number represented a 54 percent drop from the previous year.  

The situation for vulnerable refugees is worsening: countries are walling off their borders, reducing or eliminating their already minimal resettlement programs, and fear mongering and xenophobia are on the rise.

To address this enormous gap between need and supply, it is imperative we respond and innovate.

The Refugee Hub, since its inception in 2012, has combined deep, substantive, refugee-related expertise, nimble and responsive engagement, and the ability to bring together leadership from multiple sectors to help solve the crisis of refugee protection and rights.

In 2018, these elements crystallized with the formation of the Refugee Hub’s

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