Modernizing the Charitable Sector: the Scoop on What You Can Expect in 2020

Creating a Stronger Charitable Sector

Why It Matters

For years, Canada’s charities have faced frustrations over the lack of communication with the federal government. In August 2019, the government formed the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (ACCS) to create ongoing dialogue with the sector. ACCS co-chairs give us invaluable insight into what to expect in 2020.

The Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector was formed in August 2019 as a consultative body for the federal government to create an ongoing channel of communication between the federal government, the overseeing Canada Revenue Agency, and the charitable sector. The committee met for the first time in-person at the end of December of 2019, largely picking up where a similar committee left off (formed under Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government and scraped under the following Conservative government).

“There is no shortage of ideas about what should be discussed,” says Bruce MacDonald, committee co-chair, and President and CEO of Imagine Canada. “If you look at the Senate report, there are 42 recommendations there – let alone any other ideas that people may have to improve the operating environment,” he adds, referring to a 190-page report by a Special Senate Comm

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