Thinking about using AI to fundraise? Here’s what you need to know — including the ethical questions.

Some Canadian charities are using AI to boost donations, helping fundraisers do faster donor prospecting, to better target their donation requests and to create more compelling asks — but there are ethical concerns, too.

Why It Matters

40 percent of charities are still seeing decreased revenue since the start of the pandemic. In this context, fundraisers need all the help they can get. Artificial intelligence tools can help fundraisers to work smarter.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Thinking about using AI to fundraise? Here\u2019s what you need to know \u2014 including the ethical questions.. This story is part of the Future of Good\u00a0editorial fellowship\u00a0covering the social impact world\u2019s rapidly changing funding models, supported by Community Foundations of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada.\u00a0 Fundraisers, the robots are not coming for your jobs. But they are smarter than you will ever be at spotting patterns and identifying trends in your data. And the good news is: That\u2019s fine! Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are here to help you do your job better. That\u2019s the pitch from Canada\u2019s crop of AI technology companies, start-ups like FundMetric , Keela and Wisely \u2014 who are keen to offer

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