The World Is Becoming Increasingly Polarized. Here's How Citizenship Can Combat It.

Making Canada More Inclusive

Why It Matters

Divisive forces are tearing the fabric of our society. We see stories daily about people being pitted against each other. Democracy is in a period of fragility, with online disinformation increasingly polluting our public square. The solution? We must practice active citizenship and create inclusive spaces where we all belong.

Anti-immigrant sentiments are on the rise around the world. Though Canadians view immigration more positively than citizens in other countries, we are seeing increased polarization on the issue, as well as populist rhetoric from our political leaders, which is enough to cause alarm.

Quebec seems poised to pass Bill 21, a proposed law that creates two-tier citizenship, while a recent EKOS poll found that 40 percent of Canadians believe too many immigrants are non-white. Add to this malicious actors spreading disinformation online and algorithms that create echo chambers, and we have a potent recipe for the erosion of our citizenship and democracy.



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