Future of Good and Social Capital Partners launch digital content partnership

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Sometimes, all that separates the perfect storm from the perfect opportunity is a little preparation.

With that in mind, Future of Good has teamed up with Social Capital Partners on a four-part story series taking a deep-dive into the socio-economic impacts of small business post-pandemic — as well as the communities they serve — including succession, employee ownership, hollowing out of downtowns, consolidation, and as the Canadian government works through the process of reviewing competition laws many describe as outdated and ill-suited.

We know that small, independent businesses bring more than economic value to a community — they build social bonds, act as community hubs, support local organizations, drive change, and much more. And we want to bring you lived stories of social cohesion, resilience, innovation and impact.

Canada continues to navigate the challenges of post-pandemic economic recovery and community revitalization — and there’s a critical need to develop systemic responses that activate better options for saving and re-energizing small businesses. 

What do business owners see as challenges and issues with rapid consolidation? With so many business owners poised to retire in the next decade, what options could they exercise as part of their succession planning? Where are promising practices for building community wealth, and what can they teach us? What policy changes would small business owners recommend to the federal government? 

Join us as we dive into the socio-economic effects of small business closures, successions, policy failures, rapid consolidation and the future of small business ownership in Canada.