Atlantic summit explores solutions to keep social impact groups afloat

“The federal government is a partner in developing good policy, but we need to co-design the solutions and the policies that will make a difference”

Why It Matters

Attendees at a social impact summit recently held in Canada's easternmost city walked away with a clear message: Communities have solutions to social challenges, but what's needed is clear facilitation, cooperation and guaranteed funding.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Atlantic summit explores solutions to keep social impact groups afloat.\u23f8St. JOHN\u2019S, Nfld. & Lab. \u2014 The inaugural Atlantic Social Impact Exchange Summit held from Sept. 25 through 27 was an opportunity for social purpose organizations and changemakers to share their experiences and showcase how they work together to build a better society.\u23f8Ryan Turnbull \u2014 a leader in the social innovation field for the past 15 years, the Member of Parliament for Whitby since 2019 and the recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry \u2014 has been instrumental in increasing federal funding in social finance. His visit to Newfoundland was premised on delivering one key message, he said: policy matters.\

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