What will President Biden’s bold climate goals mean for climate action in Canada?

The new administration could offer Canada a role model and competitor in reducing greenhouse gases, promoting renewable energy, and offering a just transition

Why It Matters

Climate action requires significant government support. The Trump administration never took climate change seriously, but President Biden’s platform will offer American climate NGOs a renewed partner — and give Canadian NGOs an example of what an ambitious climate change platform looks like.

Hours after he was sworn into office, U.S. President Joe Biden settled into his desk at the Oval Office with a pile of executive orders waiting for his signature. 

Within that pile was the cancellation of a U.S. government permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have run crude oil from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska. Indigenous activists and environmentalists on both sides of the border have called for its cancellation for years, pointing to not only the massive ecological impact of the fuel it carries, but also the potential destruction of local biodiversity, and the high sexual assault rates experienced by Indigenous women and girls who live near pipeline construction sites. 

Without a doubt, Biden’s climate policy is one of the most ambitious environmental proposals of any U.S. president. His promise to in


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