The big question about the Bill and Melinda divorce no one else is asking.

My marriage has been on shaky ground over the last 12 months since the pandemic began. At first, it was: “Yay, we get to spend so much time together.” Then that turned into, “Oh. Great. We’re spending so much time together.” But really, whose relationship hasn’t been rocky these days? Have my partner and I thought about splitting up? It came close. Are we working on it? Yes, everyday. But thankfully, the only people really scrutinizing my marriage are my partner and me.  

I’m glad I’m not Bill Gates. In case you haven’t yet heard, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates (who goes by Melinda French now) announced on May 3 that they’re splitting up. The couple said in identical tweets that they had made the decision to end their marriage of 27 years. The announcement took the social impact world by surprise and sent shock waves across the globe.

Now, I don’t

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