Bitcoin Donations: An Easy Fundraising Win for Your Charity

Make 2020 your crypto year

Why It Matters

As non-profits consider their options for even better fundraising in 2020, the most savvy of organizations should look to adopting a bitcoin donation program. It’s easy to convince leadership, easy to implement, and will bring new donors — and their money — to the organization.

#GivingTuesday 2019 brought in approximately $22 million to charities and non-profits across Canada. 

As we charge up for 2020, many non-profit organizations look to this year’s fundraising goals. Innovation is a hot topic for everyone across the sector, but selecting and implementing new programs or processes is easier said than done. When successful, innovation can transform organizations for the better, but the stark reality is that innovation costs money, disrupts workflows — and often, it fails. This can make new ideas a tough sell for innovation-weary executives and boards when compared to safer paths like simply expanding existing programs. But if there’s just one fundraising innovation you can make this year: get a bitcoin donation program.

Bitcoin — a digital currency that’s like digital gold — made its debut in 2009, and since then, its ado

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