Building an Inclusive Open Government

How can we create an open and transparent government for all of Canada?

Why It Matters

With an increase in access to technology, there’s a growing movement for democratizing access to data. Part of that shift has been a call for open government — making government data more accessible and involving citizens in decision-making. To explore the benefits of open government to the world of social impact, we sat down with five passionate public servants leading this work.

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We recently spoke with five advocates in Canada’s open government space about inclusion and transparency in open government. Read on below for our conversation with members of the Open Government team at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS): Thiago Fernandes, Open Government Partnership Global Summit Lead; Jillian LeBlanc, Outreach and Engagement Advisor; Lucas Beal, Analyst; Leslie L. Cheung, Senior Advisor; and Natalia Little, Analyst.

What is open government? What is one critical reason it’s important to society today? Natalia Little

Open government is taking democracy beyond the ballot box and empowering citizens to be more involved in governmental dec

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