After the recent Cabinet shakeup, which new ministers matter most to Canada’s social impact sector?

31 of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 38-seat Cabinet are new.

Why It Matters

New Cabinet ministers can bring fresh experiences, ideas, and commitments to their jobs. Understanding their passions and perspectives is the first step to building a successful relationship with these new officials.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"After the recent Cabinet shakeup, which new ministers matter most to Canada\u2019s social impact sector?. As with all Cabinet shuffles, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau\u2019s decision to replace or add 31 new ministers to his team represents a shift in priorities for the federal government.\u00a0 It\u2019ll also mean change for social impact organizations across Canada who work on a multitude of issues: Indigenous rights, poverty, employment training for women, anti-Black racism, disability justice, climate action, and more.\u00a0 Sector associations or influential non-profits and charities with government relations departments spend years building relationships with senior officials. Many Cabinet ministers now are in different roles \u2014 and those relati

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