‘How do we hospice organizations?’ Calgary Arts Development offers funding to help arts organizations shut down

Nearly half of Calgary arts organizations in a 2020 survey said they couldn’t survive more than a year if current conditions persist.

Why It Matters

Shutting down may actually be the best solution to a social impact organization’s financial challenges, lack of need, or changing mandate. Yet few resources exist to make this transition. Canadian grantmakers do not offer funding to organizations looking to close their doors, an expensive undertaking at the best of times.

Shutting down a non-profit or charity can be expensive for its leaders, stressful for its staff, and gutting for the community it serves. Calgary Arts Development’s operational structural change grants are designed to help organizations close down. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the most dramatic reason for non-profits and charities to close their doors right now. In a February report by Imagine Canada, around 12 percent of surveyed charities believed they’d be able to survive just 6 to 12 months under current conditions. Another 17 percent aren’t sure how long they can survive. (By contrast, 30 percent say they’ll be able to survive for over a year, while another 37 percent say they can do so indefinitely). Amid all of the pandemic’s uncertainty, closure, either temporary or permanent, is still a very real possibility.

Regardless of the reasons, social im

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